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It is often blackhawks jersey said ice hockey is more than just a game in Canada, it a way of life. And in isolated places like Pond Inlet, where snowmobiles and four wheelers are the main modes of transport, this is no exception. So when the Stanley Cup, the iconic championship trophy for North America National Hockey League, paid a special visit to the Canadian north earlier this year, it provided a rare glimpse of just how much hockey pride rings out across the tundra. (Credit: Eric Guth)Pond Inlet may cheap jerseys for sale have its own hockey team, but when the closest community is hundreds of kilometres away, it hard to find opponents to pit your skills against. The team was preparing to play at a tournament in Igloolik, a mere 400km southwest on the other side of Baffin Island. The journey requires at least 24 hours of cheap jerseys from china continuous travel by snowmobile over land and sea ice, so in addition to any regular team requirements like sticks, skates and jerseys, team sleds carry other vitals like tents, cheap jerseys stoves, extra gas, rifles and ammunition. (Credit: Eric Guth)Often, fan wear bears a special significance. The Edmonton Oilers mean a lot to Nina Kautuq and her son Jutanie. Nina whole family loved the Oilers before her cheap nfl jerseys husband and three of her other children died in an accident last year. When the team heard about the tragedy, they sent a gift package, including a jersey signed by Jordan Eberle. Amazingly, they didn know that Eberle had been Nina husband favourite player. Jutanie jersey used timberwolves jersey to belong to his sister, Tinisha, and his cap was a gift from the team. (Credit: Eric Guth)

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